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“What happens to your donations”



Welcome to Zen

Sometimes we can talk more freely and honestly with our dog than with the people in our lives.   Zen Dog is an advice column with a difference.  We will address your write-in questions with a combination of philosophical and meditational knowledge, with wit and compassion, offering analysis as well as meditational pointers, to help bring your problems to heal.

Your dog is a true philosopher,” joked Plato.  Zen Dog has Buddha Nature, which means our advice will often amount to this: Sit, boy, sit!   But we will also throw you a relevant philosophical bone to chew in each column, and also tailor our meditation tips to your situation.   We will respond to inquiries, and the most instructive exchanges will be published.  We will honour the confidentiality of all submissions, and do our best to give interesting, helpful and effective advice.