Ask Zen Dog

“What happens to your donations”



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MIDDLE WAY STRATEGEMS: Offering consultation and practical ways of applying Zen inspired concepts to the realities which confront normal lay life. Following in the ancient Zen tradition, Middle Way Strategems seeks the interface between everyday life and traditional monastic practice.

CAFÉ PHILOSOPHY is participatory public philosophy that takes place weekly in Victoria, BC, Canada. With over 500 sessions in twelve years, it has become a unique institution of open dialogue and shared free inquiry covering all things philosophical. Recently transformed, Cafe Philosophy now has edgier topics, divergent feature contributors, and dedicated logic coaching, which incpororates argument analysis and critical thinking into the fray. This open mic philosophy night is civil discourse, a celebration of diverse opinions, hosted by Michael Picard. Register online subscribe to weekly topic reminders at

The PHILOSOPHY-SHOP website offers philsoophy-related products created by Michael Picard and assocaites. To get his hit book This is Not a Book, as well as downloadable philosophy audio files, visit